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For Active Students:


Presenting a space, community, and educational source for local haumāna to maintain a cultural connection is the ultimate driving force of 'Ike Roa's efforts. 

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Get familiar with 'Ike Roa's protocol and expectations to allow the environment of learning, sharing, and aloha to thrive.

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We approach learning and sharing hula with the utmost respect, as it is a gift and privilege to be cherished. 'Ike Roa is accepting new haumāna for a limited time. Register today!

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If you are ready to make the commitment that goes along with becoming a student of hula and ori, please contact the instructor today.  Students who want to take their education to the next level are expected to dedicate the required time to the classes and necessary outside practice in order to enhance their experience and cultural education.  Students are also expected to follow class protocols.

Student fees support the dance studio, lessons, and continuing education of the students. Please contact the instructor before attending your first class.

Monthly Member Fee $40

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