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Objectives, Policies, and Environment


To have each student:

  • Learn the basic techniques of Hawaiian hula and ori Tahiti as a hula ohana

  • Understand the meaning and significance behind the cultural elements

  • Effectively convey stories through movement and expression as a vessel for the stories of the past

  • Dive deeper beyond the basics and study the arts, history, mele, and ‘ōlelo

  • Understand and share true Aloha

  • Combine the above to educate the community and generations after us

  • Love and enjoy learning and growing with our hula sisters and brothers and have fun!



  • Family discounts available (2+ members), Military discount available.

  • Low income assistance program available.

  • Minimum of four 60+ minute group lessons will be provided per month.

  • Payment must be made on or before the first lesson of the month, unless alternate payment time has been discussed with instructor.

  • Payment may be made using cash, check, or PayPal.

  • Payment is due regardless of attendance if you choose a monthly rate. Classes that fall in the fifth week of a month are included in the monthly rate. Class will be held as scheduled; classes run every week. 

  • Prorated classes are not offered.  If a student does not begin at the beginning of the month, she must pay the monthly rate or choose to begin the following month unless otherwise discussed with Marie or Meghan.

  • All prices subject to change upon instructor discretion.

  • Fees support continuing education and the facility to allow lessons to be taught in a personalized, comfortable environment.


~ HULA ~

Expressing all we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel.

Hula is the opera, theater, and lecture hall of the islands, all rolled into one.



  • Good personal hygiene is important and required.

  • Hair must be worn tied back and out of the face during class.

  • Students should wear any type of athletic apparel desired. Clothes should be comfortable, non-restricting, and appropriate.

  • Beginner wahine may be required to purchase a pareu from the studio to wear every class once they are committed.

  • Once a wahine advances to the next level, she will make her own practice pa’u (hula skirt) to wear in class from the materials provided by studio.

  • We dance bare-footed so no foot wear is needed.



  • Classes incorporate stretching, strengthening, and cardio. Bringing a water bottle is suggested.

  • Yoga mats are supplied for class. However, you may wish to bring your own. They will be used in class for stretches and floor work.

  • A group costume will be worn for performances.  Students interested in performing may be required to purchase and/or make certain items. Performance is not required.



  • Upon proper execution and mastering of the basic moves, students will learn choreography.  It is crucial to understand the meaning of the dances prior to performance.

  • Student may be asked to perform as a group or soloist at upcoming events. Student will perform only if they are willing and if the instructor feels they are ready.

  • Students may be offered the option to attend out-of-town workshops for on-going education with the group.  As part of this studio and per our hula protocol, workshop is by invitation only when and if the instructor feels you are ready.  It is not mandatory, though this invitation requires serious commitment and practice.

  • Practice and conditioning outside of class is crucial if you are interested in taking hula and ori to the next level (performance, workshop, etc.).

  • Performance opportunity for all student levels is typically available for public festivals a couple of times per year.  Though, performance is not guaranteed.  

  • Understand that the styles taught must be consistent with tradition and proper execution.  Therefore, performance of the dances taught is not allowed under another business name or group.

  • 'Ike Roa haumana may not teach or perform what they learn in class under any circumstance unless they receive permission. Understand we have a duty and kuleana to properly represent what our aunties and teachers taught us. It is up to us to pass that on properly and to be sure anyone we have given that knowledge to handles it properly according to protocol.



  • 'Ike Roa is dedicated to sharing the true meaning of Aloha – which you will always learn more about each class.

  • Respect for tradition, culture, and your peers

  • Respect the lessons and tradition taught by the instructor – and instructors of instructors (kumu hula)!

  • Open communication and discussion

  • Team oriented - we learn as an ohana and for the ohana (their is no "i" in ohana)

  • Kindness and acceptance

  • We are learning much more than body movement - family is a huge element of our gatherings and classes

  • Deep appreciation and care for the 'āina (land) and all it's beauty and life forms 



  • Cell phones must be silenced during class unless you are expecting an emergency phone call.

  • Chewing gum is not allowed as you will need to be completely focused.

  • Teaching others the lessons taught in class is not allowed.

  • Once you enter the studio space, bring positive energy (leave any negativity behind).

  • ALWAYS respect and be considerate of your hula sisters and brothers. 

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