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Meet the instructors who influenced and supported our Kentucky studio over the years.


Francesca Trego

Spirit of the Pacific Islands

Auntie Francesca, owner and director of Spirit of the Pacific Islands, was our founder's first teacher of Hawaiian hula and ori Tahiti.  Our founder's love and passion for the culture and dance was initiated and ignited while being a student of Francesca's halau. 'Ike Roa is honored to have been given her blessing and encouragement to pass on 'ike, and our founder and director are both driven to continue fulfilling this kuleana to make these opportunities a possibility in this area.

"Marie's passion and love of Hula is expressed within her dances. She honors the traditions and movements of Hula with grace and dignity. I am very proud to have had Marie learn from our Halau and to have performed with Ka Pā Hula Nā Pua O Ka Mahina A Me Ka Lā  ~ The Spirit Of The Pacific Islands."
- Francesca Anching Trego, Ke Po'o

~ Spirit Of The Pacific Islands


Yolanda Taufa'asau-Vincent



Auntie Yolanda, owner and director of Tamali'i, Hayward, CA, taught our founder through intense training sessions.  Our founder was extremely blessed and privileged to receive one-on-one training, cultural education, and guidance.  Auntie's support is very appreciated by all members of our studio, and her incredible insight and training techniques continue to be implemented here at 'Ike Roa.

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