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Meghan has accepted the role as director of ‘Ike Roa!

Over seven years ago, with the blessing to share ‘ike from Auntie Francesca, I had an ultimate goal that I’d hope for this effort to reach one day. Year after year behind the scenes, a lot of reflection and anticipation has gone towards the possibility of reaching that goal.

I hoped for the opportunity to put an exceptional role model in the rightful leadership position, and that hope has become reality. Meghan was deeply honored and humbled by this unexpected proposal…and she accepted the position as director! It has been a pleasure to watch her blossom in the many areas that go into leadership over the years, especially as it relates to pride and passion for her Hawaiian culture.

I could go on for a while about what lead up to this role transition and how everything about ‘Ike Roa came to be since day one, but then you’d probably have to read a book haha! Just know this has always been my hope. It is a magnificent fulfillment and the appropriate transition for ‘Ike Roa. We are blessed to have such a perfect candidate accept this responsibility.

Meghan and I will work one-on-one frequently as part of this transition in order to continue passing my 'ike directly. I will be there when necessary to aid and mentor, and I'll continue maintaining the management side of the studio space/resources.

The future is very bright for ‘Ike Roa. It would be nothing without all of you, hula sisters and brothers! I thank you all deeply for continuing to make this effort and ohana as special and beautiful as it is.

Meghan pours her heart into 'Ike Roa's efforts, and I know she will guide all of you exceptionally well in your hula journey.

Stay tuned for more updates on class plans! :)

Much Aloha,


Sep 6th, 2020

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