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'Ike ongoing quest for knowledge and wisdom. Our journey and purpose consists of seeking complete learning and new discovery. Life-long learning, the seeking of more knowledge, and sharing mana and 'ike is our sincere, deep passion.

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Presenting a space, community, and educational source for local haumāna to maintain a cultural connection is the ultimate driving force of 'Ike Roa's efforts. 


'Ike Roa shares the beauty and depth of the cultures of Hawai'i and Tahiti through education, classes, and performance in the Louisville area and beyond.

Meghan Chung Ware Hawaiian Hula Dancer


'Ike Roa is humbled and honored by the opportunity to share their aloha and 'ike with the community.

We bring the islands to you!

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Kuhi No Ka Lima, Hele No Ka Maka

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