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Continuing education opportunity for neighboring haumana who miss learning and dancing!

Accepting applications now for Ori Tahiti, Mehura! Subscribe for updates.

Saturday, May 18th 2019

Enrollment strictly for experienced dancers of ori and/or hula located outside of Louisville in neighboring areas.

The studio efforts are driven by the desire to provide opportunities for local haumana to continue learning and maintain a cultural connection.  We receive inquiries from dancers that have relocated to Kentucky and neighboring states who miss dancing but are too far from a halau or studio to attend weekly classes.

We know the feeling all too well, and we believe the knowledge we gain is meant to be shared and celebrated! Therefore, we are putting together an opportunity for neighboring haumana! 

We are offering a Saturday workshop at our studio a couple of times a year solely for these students. Each workshop will cover one dance, whether it be hula 'auana, Tahitian aparima, or Tahitian ahuroa.  Participants must be familiar with the basics moves of hula and/or ori. Participants must also be familiar with protocol and must have previously danced with a halau or Polynesian club.

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